Lesson series

Protective Relays

This training module is designed to
familiarize the student whether beginner or
expert with the essential features, functions and
benefits of Induction Disc, Solid State and
Microprocessor Based Protective relays. 
This course qualifies for NETA 1.5 CTD credit, 1.5 CEU credit for the State of Pennsylvania and 1.5 CEU State of Delaware.
Course Length - 1.5 Hours
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What's included?

  • Course Outline
  • Protective Relay Basics
  • Protective Relay Types
  • Where Protective Relays are applied
  • Terminology
  • Application Considerations
  • Manufacturers
  • Characteristics
  • IEEE Device Numbers
  • Current and Voltage Transformer Basics
  • Induction Disc, Solid State, and Microprocessor Comparison
  • How Protective Relays Operate
  • Selection Factors

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will be qualified to:
• Understand the Features of All Protective Relays
• Identify the components
• Identify the types of Protective Relays
• Recognize Issues and Resources
• Understand Functions of Protective Relays
• Know Applications
• Understand IEEE Device Numbers
• Recognize the key selection factors


 You will also see a video on how Induction Disc Relays operate.

Course Lessons