Lesson series

Molded Case Circuit Breakers Part 2

This training module is designed for PEARL as part of the Employee Development Program. It expands on the concepts learned in Part1.  The course is required for Technician Certification Level 2.
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What's included?

  • Course Outline
  • Codes and Standards
  • NEMA AB4-2017
  • PEARL Standard
  • Thermal Magnetic Basics
  • UL 489 Requirements
  • Interrupting Ratings
  • Series Ratings
  • Breaker de-rating
  • 100% Rated Breakers
  • Replacing Breakers
  • Trip Curve Dynamics
  • Electronic Trips
  • Arc Flash Considerations
  • Ground Fault/Trip Coordination

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will be qualified to:
• Understand breaker codes and standards
• Test breakers according to NEMA AB4-2017
• Learn PEARL reconditioning standard
• Thermal Magnetic Basics
• Know the UL requirements for thermal and short circuit
• Understand the different trip characteristics
• Calculate short circuit current
• Understand series rated breakers
• Know how to de-rate breakers to UL and NEC requirements
• Understand selective coordination
• Recognize ground fault applications
• Become familiar with 100% rated breakers
• Know how trip curves work
• Recognize the features of electronic trips
• Be familiar with Arc Flash


 You will also learn how to service a molded case breaker to PEARL EERS Standards.  It includes a video showing the breakerdown.

Course Lessons