Lesson series

Low Voltage Distribution Equipment

This training module is designed to
familiarize students from beginner or expert with
understanding the various types of low voltage
distribution equipment.
This course qualifies for NETA 1 CTD credit.
Course length - 1 Hour
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What's included?

  • Course Outline
  • Features of Load centers
  • Terms used with Distribution Equipment
  • Characteristics of Panelboards
  • Understanding Switchboards
  • Service Designations
  • Differences between Load Centers and Panelboards
  • Differences between Panelboards and Switchboards
  • Differences between Switchboards and Switchgear
  • Selection factors

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will
be qualified to:
• Understand incoming service voltages
• Recognize the various distribution
• Recall and recognize common definitions used with distribution equipment
• Know the features of load centers
• Know the features of panelboards
• Know the features of switchboards
• Understand the selection factors for load centers, panelboards, and switchboards
• Recognize the differences between load centers and panelboards, panelboards and switchboards and switchboards and switchgear


 You will also learn how to conserve space by combining transformers and panelboards into one enclosure.

Course Lessons