Lesson series

Insulated Case Circuit Breakers

This training module is designed to
familiarize the student whether beginner or expert
with the key characteristics of Insulated Case
Circuit Breakers. This course qualifies for NETA 1.5 CTD credit, 1.5 CEU credit Pennsylvania Department of Labor, and 1.5 CEU State of Delaware.
Course Length - 1.5 Hours
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What's included?

  • Course Outline
  • Breaker Classes
  • Features and Price of Breakers
  • Applications
  • Interrupting and withstand ratings
  • Types of Mountings
  • Components
  • Electrically Vs. Manual Operation
  • Approvals
  • Accessories
  • Manufacturers, History and Models
  • Reading Breaker Trip Curves
  • Trip Units and Retrofit Trip Units
  • PEARL Re-conditioning of ICCB
  • Selection Factors

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will
be qualified to:
• Understand the Features of Insulated Case Circuit Breakers
• Compare ICCBs to LVPB and MCCB
• Identify the components
• Identify Accessories
• Understand ICCB Ratings
• Recognize the Approvals
• Read a Breaker Trip Curve
• Know Manufacturers’ Models and History
• Understand various trip unit types
• Understand Retrofit Trip Unit Kits
• Know the steps to re-condition an
insulated case circuit breaker to PEARL Standards
• Recognize the key selection factors


This module covers features, applications, of Insulated Case Circuit Breakers and a video of a breakdown of an SPB Breaker.

Course Lessons