BIN95 Protective Relay Course

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Course features
  • Don Fitchett
  • Level: Beginner to Expert
  • Study time: 1.5 hours
Course overview
This online training module; Protection Relays Basics is a 1.5-hour online training certificate course covering the common applications of overcurrent protection, types of the relay
(interposing relay circuit, differential, potential, overvoltage) including solid state relays and microprocessor based. It also covers power systems, transformer protection, and zone of protection. This training module is designed to familiarize the student whether beginner or expert with the essential features, functions, and benefits of Induction Disc, Solid State, and Microprocessor-Based Protective relays.

What's included?

  • Course Outline
  • Protection Relay Basics
  • Protective Relay Components
  • Protection Zones
  • Protective Types of Relay
  • Where Protection Relays are applied
  • Related Relay Terminology
  • Applications and Considerations
  • Protection Relay Manufacturers
  • Characteristics of Protective Relays
  • IEEE Device Numbers
  • Current and Voltage Transformer Basics
  • How Protective Relays Operate
  • Protective Relay  Selection Factors

Become a Strategist 

While the most common application is the over-current protection relay, transformer protection and other power system protection applications are also very common. For example, protection relays are used in substations. So just as motor protection relay is common, so are phase monitoring relay applications. Those new to this subject may be reminded there is also the under voltage relay, the generator protection relay, etc. that offer much more protection than just a breaker would do. Monitoring current, voltage, phase, temperature, differential, etc., Especially the solid state relays and microprocessor relays with complex time current curves (trip curves) and combinations of monitoring power.

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Certification included.

Course Lessons

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Patrick Jones

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